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                        Interzym - 1000 for you !

Made by tried and tested formula of the original inventor of enzyme therapy (WOlf and BEnitez).

Interzym contains a single enzyme preparation, the original amounts highly active of plant and animal enzymes , with no other additives, lactose free.


An enteric coated tablet Interzym contains:

Pancreatin              100  mg                                                
Papaine                    60  mg                                                
Rutine                       50  mg     
Bromelaine               45  mg                                                
Trypsine                   24  mg                                                
Chymotrypsine          1   mg                                               

Enzymes are biological catalysts, mainly proteins, generated by an organism to speed up chemical reactions. They have an active site on which the substrate is attached, and then broken up or joined.

An enzyme is simply a biological catalyst; it speeds up the rates of reaction for a specific chemical reaction in a cell. It does this by attaching a substrate into its highly specific active site. Since enzymes are catalysts, they are not consumed by the reactions they catalyze.

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