Systemic Enzymtherapie (SET)

Systemic Enzyme Therapy!

Systemic enzyme therapy (SET) uses enzymes (proteases) from natural sources such as pineapple (bromelain), papaya (papain) and pancreatic tissue (trypsin, chymotrypsin).

The SET has a long tradition in German-speaking countries. Already since 1960, suitable enzyme combinations have been used for treatment. The efficacy and tolerability of high quality enzyme combination preparations has been demonstrated in many studies. Although some of the older studies can no longer meet today's study requirements, the mere fact that the SET continues to enjoy such high popularity among users after more than 55 years proves its effectiveness; quasi a vote / opinion formation by the purchase of such enzyme combination preparations. Since enzyme supplements are not cheap products and these preparations usually have to be self-purchased, it is very unlikely that a therapy principle can last for such a long period of time without any efficacy being experienced by users / buyers.

The overall survival was always increased under the Enzymbegleitung, the quality of life under the treatment always improved. Unfortunately, the SET in the classical oncology is paid almost no attention. The effects that have been observed for many decades seem too simple and therefore untrustworthy to be subject to a university review.

In German-speaking countries there are therapists (doctors and non-medical practitioners) who are well versed in systemic enzyme therapy. Normally, every doctor with the additional name "naturopathy" should know this treatment option. She was at least part of his education.

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