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Something about enzymes in general:

Enzymes are proteins (protein molecules) that are produced by living cells and biochemical reactions in the body and send them to persist in living cells. It is estimated that in the organism of man between 15,000 and 30,000 different enzymes are present of which only about 3000 are examined.
Protein is an important nutrient in our bodies and the protein, which we speak here since 1876 and what they called enzymes, control the assembly and disassembly process. The total down-to-building and called metabolism.

Enzymes are actually sending the metabolism and biocatalysts, which biochemical reactions steering and braking. Enzymes have long been used in the manufacture of beer, wine, bread and cheese and since it is possible to isolate enzymes from cells, they are an important tool in biology (growth powder), chemicals (detergents), and for making of medicines. Modern genetic engineering was unthinkable without the use of enzymes. 

One, dating from the pineapple fruit is the protein splitting enzyme bromelain.When cooking the pineapple the enzymes will be destroyed, and therefore canned pineapple is  worthless for the health. Moreover, the fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and so are the required co-enzymes included.

Papaya, e.g., enzymes were used by American Indians, Asians and several African nations since thousend of years.

In 1897 appointed the science all (bio) catalysts (substances that make it possible biochemical processes to launch and promote) as Enzymes.
Professor Max Wolf and Helene Benitez developed in the forties of last century an enzyme composition that today is almost unchanged in composition with great success in medicine and natural medicine use.
Enzymes were only reserved for the rich but in 1960, after its introduction in Spain and Germany as authorized product it is available to everyone.

The composition consists of Papain, Bromelain, pancreas (amylase and lipase) and rutosid (rutin), trypsin and chymotrypsin both digestive enzymes that break down proteins in the small intestine.

Interzym is prepared according to the original concept of the inventors.

500 or 1000 dragees Interzym (red coloured) 


Use: (in German) see :

Formulation per tablet: Nutritional values ​​per tablet: Calorific value 7.4 kJ / 1.7 kcal 

Pancreatin             100 mg

Papain                    60 mg

Rutin                      50 mg

Bromelain               45 mg

Trypsin                   24 mg 

Chymotrypsin          1  mg                                         


    400 or 800 tablets Interzym-FERMENTUM  (not coloured)



Many thanks for your trust; you have made a very good choice with  eXuzYm it is a food supplement that consists of the best quality high- dose enzymes. With a total protein-splitting activity of 2001 F.I.P units, eXuzYm contains biologically very active enzymes.

1 enteric – coated tablet contains:

Papain                                     115 mg (310 F.I.P units)

Trypsin                                   40 mg  (29 µkat)

Chymotrypsin                         40 mg (200 µkat )  

Total protein-splitting activity: 2001 F.I.P. units.

In eXuzYm you have the enzymes that you need available at all times and in any easy-to-use form:

·          as a supplement to your daily diet


 What are enzymes and what is their function ?

Enzymes are protein compounds that stimulate (catalyze) certain chemical processes in the body. They are therefore also often known as catalysts. Many of the body’s cells contain enzymes that play an important role in the working of the cell. A number of processes in the body’s defense system, for example, cannot work without enzymes. The enzymes regulate and modulate various immune cells – just like switches which you turn on and off – and ensure a healthy balance and the regular progression of reactions.

What does the information about quantity and activity mean ?

The quantity given in F.I.P. (federation Internationale Pharmaceutique) or in µkat (abbreviation „katal“) provides information about the properties about the enzyme. The greater the quantity started, the more active the enzyme. eXuzYm contains a combination of highly purified, proteolytic enzyms or proteases. These are enzymes that are specialized in splitting proteins. Total proteolytic activity is very high at 2001 F.I.P. units per coated tablet.

Recommended daily amount:

1 or 2 tablets 3 times a day. The recommended daily dose contains 690 mg papain, 240 mg  trypsin and 240 mg chymotrypsin. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose without consulting your doctor.

Instructions for use:

Swallow the tablets with a large amount of water about ½ hour to 1 hour before meals without chewing.

Warnings / precautions:

People who are known to be hypersensitive to papaya or one of the other ingredients or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, must not take eXuzYm. Discuss with your doctor whether to take eXuzYm if you have severe coagulation disorders (e.g. haemophilia) or liver damage. If you are undergoing kidney dialysis, if you are taking treatment with anti-coagulation agents or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. 100 tablets eXuzYm (Papain product)



General Produktinformationen

Netto-Gewicht768 Gramm
MaterialzusammensetzungSucrose (Bulking agent), Dicalcium phosphate (E341 (ii)), Pancreatine, Papain, Rutin, Bromelain, Sorbitol (Bulking agent) (E420 (i)), Calcium carbonate (Colour) (E170), Trypsine, Shellac (Glazing Agent ) (E904), Acacia gum (gum arabic) (Anti caking agent) (E414), Silicon dioxide (Anticaking agent) (E551), Magnesium salts of fatty acids (Anti caking agent) (E470b), Talc (Anti caking agent) (E553b), Chymotrypsine, Carmine (Colour) (E120), Iron oxide (Colour) (E172), Vanilla aroma (Flavouring agent ), Riboflavin (Colour) (E101 (i)), Carnauba wax (Glazing Agent ) (E903), White beeswax



Composition: Trypsine 40 mg Chymotrypsine 40 mg Papaine 115 mg Ingredients: Microcrystaline cellulose (Filler) (E460), Papain, Dicalcium phosphate (E341b), Chymotrypsine, Trypsine, Shellac (Coating agent) (E904), Silicon dioxide (Filler) (E551), Magnesium stearate (Anti caking agent) (E572), Beewax (glazing agent) (E901)




Menge: 400 / 800


Allgemeine Produktinformationen

Netto-Gewicht415 Gramm
MarkeInterzym - Fermentum
MaterialzusammensetzungComposition per dosage unit: Bromelain 45 mg Chymotrypsin 1 mg Pancreatine 100 mg Papain 60 mg Rutin 50 mg Trypsine 24 mg Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate (E341B), pancreatine, microcrystalline cellulose (filler) (E460), papain, rutin,bromelain,trypsine, shellac (coalting agent) (E904), silicon dioxide (filler) ( E551),magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent) (E572), chymotrypsine, beewax (glazing agent) (E901)

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